scribe agency was founded in 2004 by kristopher o'higgins and jesse vogel—two men in the heart of wisconsin wanting to make a mark on the world of literature, one book at a time.

after achieving his degree in english literature, kristopher went from working as a bookseller in an independent bookstore to the world of editing and agenting in 1996. jesse, while still working toward his B.A. in english followed in 1999. they met during their time working for james frenkel and associates/tor books.

during their tenure at JFA/Tor, they handled new york times/international bestsellers and major award-winners from both sides of the fence—agency and publisher—massaging contracts as both sellers and buyers. editing, negotiating, advertising, packaging anthologies, writing copy—kristopher and jesse did it all.

eventually they got tired of doing it all for someone else, and in 2004, over a fire, beers, and a lot of talk, scribe agency was born. within months scribe signed their first client and started selling books. in 2009 jesse went on sabbatical from scribe to start a family, and in 2012 left the agency to pursue a life of crime.

scribe agency, located in madison, wisconsin, is a full-service literary agency, working hands-on with its authors on their projects. as a small agency, scribe brings greater personal focus to bear on clients' needs and the care of their work before, during, and after publication.

scribe is fierce in its passions and discriminating in its taste. it's not about the money and fame—it's about the words, and the worlds within the words. your words, your worlds—story with meaning and an indelible mark on our culture.

scribe agency follows the association of author's representatives canon of ethics and does not charge reading or editorial services fees.


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